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“Suske & Wiske, Het Monamysterie”

by Sanne on

Suske & Wiske 341
Just as Rob I am a big fan of the comic series Suske & Wiske (or “Spyke & Suzy” as they are called in Britain or “Willy & Wanda” in the US), but unlike Rob I don’t collect the albums. So every time I see a new released album, I warn Rob not to buy it. This because after I read it, I sent it will all kinds of pleasure to Rob so he can read it and add it to his collection.

So this week I saw a new release in a book store, it was number 341 in the series called “The Monamysterie” (which translates to “The Mona Mystery”). The album was released on 12 September (ISBN 9789002263149).
I sent Rob a text-message asking if he already had bought this album, which was quickly answered by a “no”, which I answered with a “Don’t buy it, it will be soon laying in your mail box!”.

In this album professor Barabas examines, commissioned by the Louvre, the Mona Lisa. When he turns the figure from the painting to life with his Teletransfor, it seems to be a man. He claims that he had modelled in 1911 for the copy and fleas from the lab. The Mona Lisa is a fake! And this is the beginning of the adventure!

The album is on its way to you, Rob. Have fun with it!

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Two days ago (19 May 2017) a new issue in the series of “Suske en Wiske” (or “Spike and Suzy” as they are called in English) was released: “De Planetenvreter” (which freely translates to “The Devourer of Planets”.

De Planetenvreter

The story…

When Suske and Wiske discover a spacecraft that was frozen for millions of years in the pool ice, Professor Barabas is extremely enthusiastic. Specially when it turns out that the crew of the spacecraft is still alive. The two pilots appear to come from Mars and were on Earth for an investigation when their spacecraft crashed in a storm. When the professor tells them that the planet Mars has become uninhabitable, one of the pilots becomes rebellious. Very soon it shows that their mission to Earth was not as innocent as they claimed. The pilot is looking for a chest that they lost them during their crash.

With this new release there is something else new. Suske and Wiske (and some of the other characters in the comic) got a new look. Maybe “a new look” are some big words, their appearance is slightly modernized. I like it. But there are people crying a river claiming that the comics maybe by Willy Vandersteen are ruined now, but they don’t realized that the Willy Vandersteen already passed in 1976 the Suske and Wiske series to Paul Geerts and since then others have been working on it. As said, I think the change is good.

Suske & Wsike

And of course I have now something nice to read on a quiet moment this weekend.




Credit pictures: Standaard Uitgeverij)

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Game of Drones
And then there is a new comic book of Suske and Wiske” (or Spike and Suzy as they are called in English) again. This comic book has the catching name “Game of Drones” and I think that everyone will see where this title is taken from (“Game of Thrones”, for those that didn’t know). This is book 337 already again and it was released on 6 December 2016.

For those that didn’t know, I am collecting the comic books of Suske and Wiske. And I think that I can say that I have a nice collection of them. Around 250 books. So quite some, but not all of them, so still looking for those that I am missing. Although I don’t have the illusion to get them all. Some of the older ones are really collection items and because of that expensive.

The storyline of this album:
When Barabas lets his lab being remodelled by a contractor, he does not realize that this contractor is controlled by Krimson. This contractor places cameras and microphones everywhere and follows the comings and goings of the professor closely.
Barabas is working on a brand new invention. He has developed some kind of remote control that works on brain waves. It allows you to control all kind of devices remotely. That is why he builds drone versions of all its famous devices like the Gyronef, the Terranef and Vitamitje. The old Vitamitje doesn’t agree with this and chooses freedom.
But the brain waves device has apparently an affect on the person who wears it. And it is this that Krimson wants to make use of. He uses the brain waves on Jerom which promptly takes the side of evil …

If you wonder where I am tonight? I am on the couch with a bottle of beer and my new Suske and Wiske book.

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I already heard people talk about this new style of Suske & Wiske album. A more adult style… and with adult is here not meant erotic, but a more of adult drawing style… more violence and blood. And Suske & Wiske look both also more mature.

I have been looking for this new Suske & Wiske album, but it turned out to be so different that I have been overlooking it all the time while it was right there all the time. Today I saw it by pure coincidence and of course I bought it right away.

The story plays in the near future of 2047 and Suske & Wisje end up on the island of Amoras…. but the island has changed, but not in a better way…

I can understand that people may have “problems” with the new style, but I have to admit that I kinda like it. But yes, it is not meant for little children. Blood and violence all over… the female characters (Wiske included) are real women now…. a lot use of strong language going around. As said, not for little children.

And even though I like this new style of Suske & Wiske, I hope they also continue publishing in the old style… But yes, looking forward to the next album in this new style.

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Suske and Wiske

by Rob on

Ever since I was little kid I loved to read the comics of “Suske en Wiske”. But somehow I did “forget’ about them, maybe most likely because they were stored on the attic.
Some weeks ago I was in a bookstore and there I was a “Suske en Wiske” book. I bought it and now I am addicted to them again. I got all the books from the attic and have been reading many of them since then.

Right now I own 128 “Suske en Wiske” books and I have decided to try to get them all (currently there are 307 books of them available).

To prevent that I will buy duplicates, I downloaded a list with all the 307 books. This list I imported into MS Accees and altered the table so I could mark which books I have and which don’t. This list resides now beside my list of DvD’s I own on my mobile phone, so I have that list always with me.

Now, please excuse me… I have a “Suske en Wiske”-book to read :P

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