Suske & Wiske

“SOS Snowbell”

by Sanne on

14 March this year, a new Suske & Wiske album was released. The title of the album is “SOS Snowbell” and is album 343 in the series.

SOS Snowbell

According the official Suske & Wiske-site the story line of the new album:
“John, the nephew of Sidonia, flies on a beautiful day at the kitchen window. He turns out to be changed in a goose! He begs his friends to go with him to his village in Alaska. The magic book of his lovely wife Snowbell has become after many years active again and has Snowbell in its power. The book forces her to turn the people in the village into animals. This way, they give it their souls and let the power of the book grow. It is its intention to change itself into a man, what would give it unlimited power.
Suske, Wiske and their friends leave right away to Alaska to save Snowbell from the clutches of the magic book and its magic spells. But then they are obliged to destroy it and that shows to be an impossible task”

Again, a very good “Suske & Wiske” book. The story line is pleasant to follow and the plot of the story more or less unexpected. Of course there is a lot of humour in story. Personally I think this is one of the better albums since the move to the new style. The new style is something I really had to get used to, but now it is finding its place.

Rob, don’t buy this album. I have read it by now and will give it to Marissa. She would like to read as well and she told me that she and Richard will be visiting you soon. She will bring the album along for you, so you can add it to your collection.

It was a nice read :-)

Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij
Source citaat: Suske en Wiske op het WWW

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“Het omgekeerde land”

by Rob on

Today when I did my groceries I noticed that a new album of my favourite comic-hero’s Suske and Wiske was available. Of course I had to buy it. The title of this new album is “Het omgekeerde land” (in English: “The reverse land”) and it is issue 336 in the series (first print 6 September 2016).

The story…
Wiske is very jealous when Willy is having a new playmate. To blow off steam, she makes a long walk in the woods and there she meets a special bat. The bat suggest to make her a new playmate and t to itself to create a new boyfriend and takes her to Wonderland for this. It is there very gloomy and the fairy-tale characters do not seem to be themselves. Moreover, her new boyfriend, princess Elisa, seems to have two faces. She decides to keep Wiske forever with her.
And to make it al even worse, Wiske gets under the influence of the terrible curse that hangs over Wonderland…

Looking forward to read this album :-)

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When I was doing some shopping today (I like it a lot that shops are open on Sunday) I noticed a new comic in the Suske & Wiske series. It is the 325th Suske & Wiske comic (within the official series) Of course I bought it :-).

The story is about a ghost, World War I and travelling back into the past. A very good comic book again.

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Hurray, a new “Suske & Wiske”!!!

I think I have to say this is my favorite comic. I really enjoy them. It is fun to read them. Luckily there are many of them. In the main series this new book is number 320.

This from origin Belgium comic is know in the US as Willy and Wanda. And in the UK as Bob & Bobette (later Spike & Suzy). But they are translated in to many languages as Danish, Finnish, Chinese and some more unexpected languages.

I am collecting this series and I must have around 200 of them.

I have something to read before going to sleep tonight!

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“De halve Havelaar”

by Rob on

As I wrote here recently, I would review here on my the books I have finished reading. For me comics, and specially comics as Suske & Wiske, belong here on my blog as well. So today I have been reading a Suske & Wiske book that I bought recently…

The book “De halve Halvelaar” describes how Suske & Wiske travel back in time and meet Eduard Douwe Dekker (better known as Multatuli, auteur of the book “Max Havelaar”). In a nice way facts and fiction are mixed up… as so often with the Suske & Wiske books.

Suske & Wiske comics are always fun to read and I think for that reason I collect them :)

The comic is edition 310 and it is a first print, which is not very hard for a book that was published in 2010 (under ISBN-number 978 90 02 23907 6). The publisher is “Standaard Uitgeverij”.

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Suske & Wiske again

by Rob on

I have written before about the fact that I am collecting “Suske & Wiske” books. For that don’t know, “Suske & Wiske” are a comic series made in Belgium, but which are popular in many countries these days.

To be honest, since my move to Heemskerk I have not done much with my “Suske & Wiske” collection. But the bookshelf full with those red/orange comic books cannot be ignored forever :).

My problems was and is, that when I want to buy a new or second hand “Suske & Wiske”-book that I am not sure if I don’t have it already.
For that reason I bought a small database application for my old Nokia E71 phone. In that database I created a table with all the books of “Suske & Wiske” that I already had. So I could always check that list.
But every time there was new software available for the Nokia E71 the license of the database program was gone when the new Nokia software was installed. I had to contact the maker of the database program for a new license key. A real annoyance. So after time I stopped using the program.

But now I have my iPhone and I was convinced that there would be a nice database program for my new phone. And I was right, I found a nice one. “HanDBase” is called. It has many nice features as that it can communicate directly with MS Access, but I will not use that. I will use its own desktop front end.
There I can design the tables I want, fill them with the right information and synchronise it to my iPhone by Wifi. Works really great.

So I gathered somewhere from the Internet a list with all the “Suske & Wiske” albums that we released. I converted it to a text file and imported it to HanDBase desktop. To the new table I added a Yes/No field to indicated if I have that album or not. And I added a memo-field for remarks as some books I have are damaged or it are special promotion releases.

Forget the technical grab. Only thing that counts is that I can get new “Suske & Wiske” albums again without being afraid to buy albums that I already have.

Currently I have about 153 albums of the 316. So I have 50% of all released albums. My goal for this year to get at least 200 albums. Sure, some of the older albums might be hard to get… but anyway…. EBay and “Marktplaats”, here I come again :)

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