So cold and wet…

by Marissa on

I really wonder what is wrong with the summer of this year, it is so cold and wet. Right now the sun trying to break through, but this morning it was raining. As it was yesterday.
And the temperature is also way too low for the time of the year.

Almost every week I go once or twice swimming. We have over a very nice indoor swimming pool, a real swimming paradise. There is tide bath, herb baths, sauna, solar stations, whirlpool and anything else you might want in a swimming pool.
It is not a real big distance to the swimming pool, so mostly I go there by bicycle.

Yesterday on my way home on my bicycle, it suddenly started to rain again and quite heavy. Before I reached my apartment all my clothes soaking wet. The wind was rather nasty. So I felt freezing cold.

At home I jumped right away under a warm shower. I always shower at home after swimming to was my hair properly, but this time I needed to get warm again. The shower help me to get on a normal temperature again.
But as said, this kind of rain and temperature is not normal for this time of year. So I hope we will have a nice after summer this year.

When I returned to my living room, I saw some photo’s I made during our vacation on Lesvos last year and I realized what I am missing so much… that nice warm sun shinning on my skin, bikini’s and shorts. Beaches and long drinks. Long walks along the hills. BBQ’s in the garden of Mel.
So yes, I don’t like cold weather. I don’t like rain and wind.
I am born for the sun!!!

So happy that we can go back to Lesvos next year. Maybe the area of Sigri or Skala Eressos will be nice according Mel. She will join us then there.

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by Rob on

As I already told here before on my blog, I go often for a swim on Sundays. I like swimming. It is fun to do and of course it is healthy to do. I always go swimming at “De Waterrakkers” in the town of Heemskerk.

When I go alone, I just do some exercising for an hour or so and then go home.

Because of all the things that happened recently it has been some time that Marion went along we with me. But today she wanted to join me again. So we took our bicycles and made our way to the swimming pool.
I have to admit, swimming together is much more fun. Unlike when I am alone, with Marion we also enjoy the other things that are offered at “De Waterrakers”.
First we did swim a nice number of tracks along the length of the competition pool. This is also what I do mostly when I am alone. After that we spend some time in the whirlpool, which is very relaxing after all those tracks we have done earlier.

At the shop you can get all kind of things, but we did go for some tea. I like the tea, although it was very normal tea. But I did miss the honey I always have in my tea at home. Somehow I don’t like normal sugar so much in my tea. But I can understand that they don’t have honey at a place like this.

After we finished the tea Marion challenged me that I would not able to catch her. I accepted the challenge of course. It must have been a fun sight… me chasing her, both being very careful not to slip or running against other people. I managed to catch Marion in the outside pool (which is directly connected to the other pools). As reward I stole a cuddle and a kiss.

We did some more tracks in the competition pool. I have to say that I started to feel my muscles react on all the labour they had to do. But that was not a bad thing at all.

They have there also these wonderful “herb-baths” and luckily these tubs are big enough for 2 persons. The water is of a very nice warm temperature and in the water there are nice smelling herbs that seems to be very healthy. These herb baths are very relaxing.

I do like “De Waterrakkers”. Only little thing that is a bit a pity is that it easily gets busy. It is not as big as “De Wilder” in Haaksbergen for instance.

When we left “De Waterrakkers” Marion asked if I would like to go the sauna (which belongs to “De Waterrakkers”). We have been before to this sauna and we both like it very much. And as we had no other plans for the rest of the day, I thought it would be a good plan to go there.
After all the tracks we did swim, the sauna was awesome relaxing. It makes you feel comfortable, dreamy and sleepy. I like that a lot.

And there, a big part of the Sunday spend in a very nice way together! And oh, I have decided to go Wednesdays after work swimming as well. This is very good for me.

BTW I love your new bikini Marion :-).

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by Rob on

Enjoying life is every possible way… that is what it is about for me.

There are so many reasons for sorrow, for sadness and other negative things in life, that one should go for every enjoyable moment in life.

So I had a wonderful morning. Maybe for others not something very special, but for me it was great.

As written here before I go swimming every Saturday morning. I like swimming and it is good for my condition.
This morning Marion went along with me (as so does every now and then).
It was nice to swim those tracks together. I think we did swim about 20 tracks together and that is much more then I do normally.
We relaxed a bit in one of the whirlpools. And specially the one we were was very nice. It was directly located at a huge window and sun shinning in through that window made it very very nice.
We also did spend some time in the sauna. It was Marion who really introduced me to sauna’s and I must say I am happy she did. I like it a lot and it is very healthy as well.
As last we did spend some in a herb bath. They say that these herb bath are very healthy, but what I really like about them is the higher temperature of the water. It makes you feels gloomy and sleepy. Very relaxing….

Maybe for other something like this would be nothing more as a morning at a swimming pool. For me it was more then that. For me it was one of these things that make life good.

And oh… btw kissing under water is fun :)

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by Rob on

Since some time I felt that my condition was not what it should be. And I already decided that when time would allow it I would work on that.

From someone who knows a lot about things like this I got the warning to take it easy and don’t overrun myself. Swimming was according him a very good way to start to build up your condition. Which was very nice because I always loved to swim. So I would start for some month with swimming 2 times per week. One time here in Haaksbergen and one time during the working week in Amsterdam.

So this morning I went for the first time. And Marion went along with me (she will do this when she can and wants to). It was fun and it felt good. Although afterwards muscles hurted that I even didn’t know I had :).
But as said, it felt good to have the feeling that I really used my body. Nice were the breaks during the swimming in whirlpool. Relaxed chatting and enjoying the warm water.
So after around an hour of swimming we went to the sauna Apart that a sauna is also very enjoyable, it is very good for your body.
We finished it all with a herb-bath… very relaxing. And it seems to be very good for your skin (which may be more important to Marion then it is to me :P).

Funny note: Marion wanted to see how her “rescue swimming” was. Well, she is still very good in it… only I complained that I didn’t get that famous “Kiss of Life”…. ;)

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