The Weather we soon will see….

by Marissa on

The weather we will have next week…

Weather 1

And it looks like it is going to stay that way…

Weather 2

I think just as the last time, the first two days we will have it extremely warm. After two days we are used to it. And as long you keep drinking and protect your head, there is no real problem.

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The weather…

by Rob on

It is getting close to the end of November, I have slept last night with the door of my balcony wide open. And I was just on my balcony for some fresh air, the door will be open again this night.

I don’t know if there is something wrong with the weather, but something in me is telling me that it should be a lot colder outside now. It should be freezing, maybe even snow and some hail.
Then again, I am pretty sure that when you look at the statistics then it shows that nothing special is going on (but you know what they say about statistics… you have lies, darn lies and statistics!).

Sure, I don’t mind really… I love to have as much as possible fresh air in my house. But still it is very weird!

BTW the picture I made in March 2008, somewhere between Haaksbergen and Hengelo (right before the town of Beckum to be precise).

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The need for fresh air…

by Rob on

You know the feeling that when you have been inside of your home all day long that you suddenly have this huge urge to go outside?

Well, I had this today. I was suddenly tired of being inside… I wanted to be outside, feel the wind in face. I didn’t mind the weather was not so nice.

I wandered from my house to town to do some small shoppings. It was raining a little… the wind was blowing hard through the trees. But I didn’t mind. Being outside made me feel better again… it always does.
That is one of the less nice things of my work. I like the line of work I am doing, but being all day inside is a less nice side of it. But well, no job can be perfect.

Hmm… well, it was not planned that these small shopping turned in to a “big” shopping. I came home with a new 70-300mm lens for my new SLR camera. It was very cheap, so I had to buy it (I saved about € 150,00, so that was worth it).

So now I am home again and I feel a lot better…. have been outside and enjoyed it… bought a new lens for my camera cheap… and now I have a hot cup of soup in front of me.

Life isn’t that bad at all :)

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