Windows 7

Windows 7

by Rob on

Already for some time I have been thinking about to install Windows 7 on my laptop. Little things kept bugging and stopped me from doing it. Things like will all program I use now work under Windows 7? Can I update from a pre-installed version of Vista Premium Home? Is my laptop strong enough for it? And more things like that…

Last Sunday when Patrick and I went to The Night of The Proms, we talked about it. And there my decision to go for it was made. I value Patrick’s opinion on this kind of matter very much… which does not mean I always agree with him :P.

So yesterday I bought a complete version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Yes, a complete version so I will not have any problems with upgrading without install CD’s of prior version and will be able to do a complete re-install later when it might be needed (and I had a sponsor for difference in price :) ).

After making the so important backups and looking at programs that I wanted to install again, I started to install Windows 7. I dropped the installation CD in to drive and booted my laptop from that CD…. and 20 minutes later I had a completed installed OS.
I have to say that I was deeply impressed. Never a complete new install of an OS went so fast… and more, all my hardware was properly recognized and all the needed drivers/software was installed. Everything worked… things as webcam, sound included. That was pretty cool.

The performance of Windows 7 is so far very good. I am happy.

Now the work of downloading (hoorrayyyy for Open Source) of all the programs I need en re-installing them. And of course putting my data-backups back.

So far I really like Windows 7….

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