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Fanclubday Within Temptation 2010

by Rob on

Today I have been to the yearly fanclubday of the Silent Force, the Within Temptation fanclub. As it was this year in Heerhugowaard, which is not that far away from where I live nowadays, I decided to go there.

I must say that I enjoyed myself greatly. But I found it sad that even here SLR-camera’s were not allowed. So the pictures I made where of rather poor quality. About this later a bit more.

The fanclub organized some nice things for this day. Among these things a quiz. There were 5 teams for this quiz and to each team a member of the band was added. All kind of questions around Within Temptation were asked. One things showed very clearly, each of the band members loves to make fun. And it all gave me quite a laugh. Nice thing was though that I learned some things about Within Temptation that I didn’t know yet.
It was Sharon’s team that won the quiz (of course I would say :P).

There was also a lottery. Some rewards were really nice. As a limited edition of one their CD’s. Sadly I did not win anything, but again the way the show they pulled around the lottery really made me laugh a lot again.

Of course I love the music of Within Temptation, but what I also like is that all the band members I chatted with just stayed “normal” people. Sadly I have seen that different with other artists.

To the end of the event a performance of Within Temptation was planned and everyone was looking forward to that. And as they finally started to play something went really wrong. A technical problem made it impossible to continue. But during the time they needed to solve the problem, we were entertained in a very funny way by Martijn Spierenburg, the keyboard-man of the band.
After a little the performance could continue… and what a performance. I really really loved it. They know how to play live and they know how to set down a show.

I bought some nice things. Two very nice scarfs. One for me and of course one for Marion. They are of a design and quality that even Marion can use it when she is dressed up for her work. And they are very nicely warm.
I also bought a t-shirt for Marion…. so she doesn’t have to take my shirts when she stays at my place and puts them by accident in her suitcase… :P.

I said earlier that I wanted to say something about taking pictures at concerts as this one. It may be well known that I really dislike it that often it is not allowed for visitors to take along good camera’s (SLR’s and such). For normal concerts we pay a nice amount of money for the tickets, but we are not allowed to make nice pictures of the artists we like (and pay for).
But what really annoyed me was the conversation of two “professional” photographers behind me that I overheard. I assume (I really hope) that not all professional photographers are like that, but I heard one of them claiming that he wanted no one else as him to make nice pictures and in his story he told how he stopped someone from doing this. This is so arrogant in my opinion.
I assume that his real problem is that nowadays someone with a good SLR and glasswork… and who had a little bit feeling for photography can make high quality pictures.

Apart from that, I had a great day :)

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Months ago I bought tickets for the concert that Within Temptation would give in Enschede.

The concert was yesterday and I have to say it was awesome again. For Sanne it was her first live experience with Within Temptation. She only knew them from their bigger hits as “Ice Queen” and “Mother Earth”, but really wanted to see them once live. So Marion and I arranged together as a surprise a ticket for her (even being in the US Marion thinks of the ones that are dear to her :) ). I think after yesterday Within Temptation found a new fan :).

The concert belonged to their “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre”-tour. It was rather different then the other concerts I have seen of them. Lots of acoustic guitar work was involved. I have to say I really liked it.
And Sharon den Adel really a great voice. Clear, strong and a pleasure to listen to
The video effects during the show belong to the best I ever saw. Specially how the band-members interacted with the video-effects

Sadly there was no signing session afterwards, because I would love to have a signed CD by Sharon den Adel (the lead singer) and the other of the band. But somehow the place didn’t fit for that. Maybe the next time.

And of course I got the t-shirt. And Sanne was happy with the one I bought for her. It really looks great on her (she showed off later at her home :) ).. Luckily I could sleep at her place. My old parents house is not a place to be any more since my mother is taken into a nursing home permanently (about that more in another post that I will write soon).

On the brighter side, I have tickets for Katie Melua in December….

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Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to a concert in the city of Assen. The main act was Iron Maiden, but personally I was there more for one of the supporting acting: Within Temptation.

Raisen hand

We made it early there (and as a side note: In the town of Beilen there is fishshop that sells baked fish of a rare quality. Patrick said that the same goes for the herring he had). The weather was very nice, so the waiting for the beginning of the event was not too bad.

We were lucky here, an colleague from the company where I stopped working last month (also with the name Patrick) arrived very late. This was caused by busy traffic and traffic jams.

Lauren Harris

As said, Iron Maiden was the main act and as supporting acts there were Lauren Harris (daughter of the guitarist of Iron Maiden), Kamelot and Within Temptation.
I liked Lauren Harris (and not only because she is a good looking woman), but she has to fight up against her famous father and I am convinced that when the quality of the sound equipment was better fitted to her voice, all would have sounded a lot better.
Kamelot was a new name for me, but I do admit that this will be a name I will be keeping an eye on.
As said, I was there for Within Temptation. And no matter what Patrick says, I liked their performance a lot. Yes, even better as Iron Maiden!
But I do have to say, that the show Iron Maiden placed was a good one. But then again, they were the main act. I kinda liked it, but they are not just what I really like. But that is okay, to each their one taste.

Within Temptation

All with all a wonderful day again…. even when it took us ages to leave the parking-place in Assen again. The moon eclipse during the evening gave an extra effect to it all. I tried to make a picture of the eclipse, but with the simple compact camera I had with me that was doomed to fail. Sadly they mostly don’t allow better photo equipment as an SLR at such events.

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