Simple wok dish.

by Rob on

Today I felt lazy, so I was also not really in the mood for real cooking. But on the other side I didn’t want pizza, shoarma or any other fast food. A nice alternative is making a wok-meal.

After the chicken fillet was nice brown baked in a very hot wok-pan, fine cut leek, red unions, chestnut mushrooms, red paprika and parsley was added. Having mixed this all firmly and bringing it on temperature, pandan rice was mixed with it. Stirring it all the time now, because the rice sticks easily to the wok-pan

I made a sauce based on cocos milk, shallots, green chilli pepper, garlic, coriander, sea salt and water.
This all I baked together for a few minutes. Until all was nicely mixed and good heated.

Some Opak Pedis (“Casave Kroepoek”) to it is a good addition.

There a simple, but very nice tasting dish. Cutting and slicing all the ingredients is more work then the actual cooking. The only thing I have to ask Miranda once how to make such a wok-meal look nice on a plate :)

And I have a nice left over for somewhere this week!!!

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