WordPress 5.0

by Rob on

I just upgraded our weblog to WordPress 5.0 and the upgrade went well without any issues, just as I am used to with WordPress.

The most important change of this new version is that there is a complete new editor for writing the articles added.
This new “Gutenberg Editor” is block orientated and is more or less “what you see is what you get”.
I am fully aware that this new editor will take time to get used to… Ergo: I need time to get used to it! *WINK*

By now I found one issue and that is cannot be displayed centered anymore. This might be an issue with the theme that is used.
I will look if I can come with a solution for that. If not, I may have to look for a theme that supports this new editor fully, which would mean that we can use all the new features offered through the new editor. So maybe I will have a look at a different theme anyway.

I would like to encourage the authors of our blog to play around with the Gutenberg editor to get familiar with it. And if there are any issues, please let me know.
For the time being the old editor, refereed to as the “Classic editor” is still available to use. Although I have to say that I have no idea how long this will be the case.


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There was something that I planned already for a long time to do, move the weblog from http to HTTPS/SSL.

HyperText Transfer Protocol, that is where HTTP stand for and it is the protocol that is used by a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge) to communicate with a web server. So basically this makes it possible to see the websites on your computer or any other device alike (lets not get too technically).
Already for some time there has been an adaptation of the HTTP protocol to make it more secure: HTTPS, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocal Secure (well, that you didn’t see coming, right? *SMILE* ).
So what makes HTTPS more secure as HTTP? Well, the communication between the browser and the web server is now encrypted. The encryption of the communication between a browser and a web server protects against eavesdropping and tampering of the communication that is happening. There is a lot of technical information and discussions on HTTPS, but I think we should not go here into that here the weblog.

http https

So the whole idea behind this all was to make the weblog more safe for the people who read and write here.

I was afraid that this all would be a huge job. After all, every internal link must be changed from “http: //www.dimrost.nl” to “https://www.dimrost.nl”. This includes every link to a photo or picture stored on the same server as the weblog, every link to a page or post. We are talking about 18080 fields over 50 database tables that needed to be updated.

I reserved quite some time to do this all.

Some days ago I requested a SSL certificate and installed it. Yesterday I started with the real work with the idea to finish it off today.
I changed to configuration of WordPress so it would used the https-address, I forced that WordPress would use https by default and that it would handled redirects correctly.

I started to create SQL update queries to update all the http-addresses to https, when I read on the website Webtalis about a WordPress plugin to do this all for me. And it worked wonderful.

Yesterday evening within 30 minutes I migrated our weblog from http to https. I should have done this already ages ago!

https safe

I have checked many post/pages manually, but all pages show the green lock as in the picture above, which means the pages is secure and communication to the web server is encrypted. I also ran some automated test tools and those also showed all is fine.

https unsafe

In case the post/page is not secure, a yellow warning sign will be shown, as can be seen in the picture right above here (I changed for the example picture a https-link back to http… which I should not forget to set back to https again *grin*).
If you ever see such a yellow warning sign here on our weblog, please let me know. Then there is something wrong on that page which should be changed. Please mail the address of the post or page to me (you can use the “Contact us” link at top of the page).

Gives a good feeling that it all went so good and fast :-).

Edit: It turned out there was a problem afterwards, it was not possible to write comments to articles anymore (thank you for spotting it so fast Marissa). It turned out a plug in was causing the problem. It was not a very important plug in (it was displaying the “recent posts”-overview in a nicer way), so I deactivated and removed it.
But also it turned out that the GEO plug in was not working anymore. Not critical, just not nice. I am looking into it.



(Source http vs https diagram: Wikipedia)

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WordPress Upgrade

by Rob on

New version of WordPress. Upgrading of WordPress is so easy and never gaves me any problems. You would almost forget to make the recommented backup. But of course I do make my backups, because you never know!

This upgrade is a mainly a security upgrade, so no many new features. But solving security issues is just as important to me :-).

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WordPress 3.0.1

by Rob on

I have just upgraded my weblog to WordPress 3.0.1, which is the latest version. The upgrade went quickly as always with WordPress upgrades…

-> Make backup
-> Remove all WordPress-files from your site. Saving the themes, plug-ins and the configuration-file
-> Upload the new version of WordPress
-> Put back the themesm plug-ins and the configuration-file
-> Run the “upgrade.php”-script
-> Delete the “install.php” and “upgrade.php” files

And basically I was done.

This time I removed the old WordPress-files from the site. Normally I just overwrite them, but for once I wanted a nice cleaned up situation again.

After that some of the plug-ins I use needed an update. Again, just download the new version and overwrite the one on the site (and of course take a glimpse at the new options and features).

Only I am a bit worried about the plug-in I am using for showing some of the pictures I made. It has an upgrade, but only compatible to WordPress 2.7…
Well, this plug-in shows pictures from my Flicker-account and as I am thinking to drop Flicker, I am already looking for a new plug-in that can show pictures that I will store on some site somewhere.

Anyway, a fast and smooth upgrade again

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WordPress 2.9 “Carmen”

by Rob on

This morning I have installed the latest version of WordPress on my website. For those that are unfamiliar with WordPress, this is the software that I am using for my weblog and so it is what you are looking at now :).

Upgrading software should always be like WordPress does it. Just install the new software, run a script to modify the used databases and you’re done. Simple as that.
Most work was replacing all the used plug-inns with the latest versions. But I have to admit I have been a bit lazy on that matter lately, but now everything is up to date again.

So far as I can see now, no problems at all. Yeah, for WordPress.

This new version of WordPress has apart of course the needed security updates also a number of nice new features as a basic image editor, trash can instead of deleting things directly and more.

A big THANK YOU to the people who are making WordPress such a great product!

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