A speed monster… Yes, truly!

by Rob on

Every 3 á 4 year I try to buy a new computer. Is that needed for normal computer- and internet use? No, not at all. But for gaming it is a different story. New games that are published have all the time higher hardware demands. So before you know it, your computer is “outdated”. And also for photo processing it is nice to have a fast system, although it is not really a must… if you are patient enough.

So about a week ago or so I thought it was about time to look for a new computer again. The computer I had (a Dell XPS 8300) was around 3 to 4 years old. It didn’t take really long to find what I wanted: a Dell again, but this time a XPS 8700.

And today this new computer would be delivered to my home. As UPS only delivers on working days, I took today off from work. The delivery would be somewhere between 9:00 and 19:00 and with my luck I already expected that the computer would be delivered end of the day somewhere between 18:00 and 19:00. But I was wrong this time. Somewhere around 9:45 the door bell sounded and it was UPS with the new computer.

As I prepared already everything, the new computer was installed very quickly without any problems at all. And so the new XPS 8700 was standing next to his 3 á 4 years old XPS 8300 brother (the complete black one is the new XPS 8700).

These are the specs of the XPS 8700 (I will also mention the specs of the XPS 8300 to compare it):

– I7 Intel Core 4790 processor 8Mb,4.00 Ghz 4 Generation (8300: I7 Intel Core 2600 Processor 8Mb, 3.4 Ghz)
– 32 Gb memory (8300: 8 Gb memory)
– AMD Radeon HD R9 270 2Gb Graphic card (8300: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1Gb)
– 2 Tb Hard disk (8300: 1.5 Tb Hard disk)
– 256 Gb Solid State disk (8300: Not available)
– Wifi, which I will hardly use (8300: Not available)
– BlueTooth, which I will hardly use (8300: Not available)

And some other things as CD, DvD & BluRay drive (capable of writing CD’s and DvD’s), memory card readers of all kind and so on.

The “weakest” part of this new configuration is the graphic card. The Radeon R9 270 is better card as the Radeon HD 5870 in the XPS 8300, but it is a 2Gb card while I really would prefer a 4Gb card. But the offer on this set was so nice, that will be worth it to replace the graphic card later on. Something I will do on short term. The Radeon R9 270 will that is currently in the XPS 8700 will move to the XPS 8300.

After the computer was installed and security software was running, I downloaded the two “heaviest” games I currently have: Titanfall and Dragon Age Inquisition, which luckily doesn’t take too long witha 200Mb connection. I was amazed! The old Radeon HD 5870 Graphic card could handle these game, but after playing a bit that card needs cooling, something you really could hear by the hard working fans. But this new Radeon R9 270 card can handle these games just fine. No loud noise of fans at all.
And I thought the graphics of the Radeon HD 5870 were nice, those of this new card are really a lot better. Much more detail and way smoother animations.

Okay, now installing all the software and such. And while doing that, doing the household, so when Marion arrives later on all is ready for the weekend. All I am very happy with my new computer, that doesn’t mean I will spend all weekend behind the computer. No and specially not when Marion is around :-)

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