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I think most people will be aware that Greece and Turkije are neighboring countries. Good!

Let me before starting the article what “Quora” is.
“Quora” is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions.
So people may place questions they have on “Quora” and persons who have knowledge on the subject may be answering the questions.
“Quora” is a very good source of information, but when you want use that information in a serious way you have to verify it (as you basically always should).

“Quora” is useful and can be great fun!
Yet at times some people seem to have the need to place questions to cause heated discussions or just to enjoy people. These people are the so-called “Trolls”.

Last year on our vacation the next thing happened…

Marion and I were sitting on a terrace in the city of Plomari (it was one of the days that Mel had to work). We were enjoying the scenery of this beautiful city. The weather was extremely nice. And the Gyros we just had was delicious.

A man sitting at the table next to our informed if we were from the Netherlands (I think he must have recognized our language). After confirming we were this man started to talk very enthusiastic about his visits to our country.
We invited him at our table to share some drinks with us. He explained to us that he was from Turkey and was on Lesvos to track some family ties on the island. The man was a real gentleman; polite, intelligent, well informed. A pleasure to talk with.
The conversation went from Turkey, Greece, history to very light subjects as the weather and music.

Suddenly I see a Quora question pop up on my iPhone: “When will Turkey invade Greece?”

In my reply to this message I told what happened

“I’m sitting right now with my girlfriend on the terrace of a taverna in Plomari (Lesvos).

We just had a very interesting conversation with a Turkish gentleman as I see this question pop up on my phone.

With a foolish grin I showed him this question. He shaked his head and ordered a new round of ouzo… and that is exactly how to treat this kind of questions.””


And that is indeed how to handle these kind of question, because they are meant to provoke and nothing more. My question got many “upvotes” by now, showing that many folks agree with me

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