Weblogs and Blogs

Weblogs and Blogs
On this page weblogs and blogs will be listed that more or less regularly read by the people who write here on this weblog. Knowing these people I am convinced it will turn into a list with a wide range of subjects. I would even like that a lot as it shows the many interests we have.
Although I like to keep everything as much as possible in English, here there might show up links to pages in Dutch (or maybe even German or Greek). If that happens then it will pointed out clearly in the description of the page.
For now the list is sorted and grouped in an alphabetic order. When the list grows I may change that to grouped by subject.

Al Bruno III’s Internet Tomfoolery – Al Bruno
Angry chef – Exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food

Bits of Freedom – For your Internet Freedom (Dutch)

Cosmix Skeptic – Question Everything

Eveline Lenderink fotografie – Everyday a photo since 2004 (Dutch)

Friendly Athiest – The kindest atheist I know.

Keep Talking Greece – Greek News in English, Blog, Wit & Drama

Meanwhile at KLM – KLM behind the scenes / Traveling the world (Dutch)

Life in Pictures – This is my life in pictures. I post one picture each day.

Niek in de wereld Het liefst blijf ik binnen maar soms waag ik een blik naar buiten (Dutch)
De Nieuwe Reporter – About journalism, technology and the new media. (Dutch)

Het Oog des Meesters – A Fantasy Roleplay game (Dutch)

Simone’s Kitchen – Food Photography Travel (Dutch)
Stories from the Heartland – One Californian’s life as a Midwest transplant
Skeptical Mama – Skepticism, Atheism, Science & Parenting

Wim de Bie – Wim de Bie (Dutch)