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Last night Marion and I took it easy. I myself had a very busy week at work behind me and because the party of Friday evening it was late before I found my way to bed.
Marion was also rather tired. Because of someone else caused problems on the airport while checking in, everyone was checked fully. So it took ages before she could leave the airport and head to Heemskerk. Not nice when you are already tired.

Anyway, we spend the evening chatting about everything and nothing. I like that, something good to drink, some nice French cheese and those small crispy toasts.
Marion enjoyed some of my cognac. And I couldn’t blame her, the bottle of “Courvoisier VSOP” that I have currently is very good. I, as so often, went for a good glass of whisky. And there I realized that I never discussed the bottle of Highland Park 12 years that I opened recently. Time to do so…

The Highland Park distillery can by found on the Orkney Islands, which are a group of 200 islands that can be found north of Scotland. Since 1798 the Highland Park Distillery is making their wonderful whisky.
The website of Highland Park Distillery is a pleasure to visit and tells nice to know about whisky, the distillery and the Orkney Islands.

The Highland Park whisky that I have currently is the 12 year one and is the youngest in their impressive line up.
Although not most important, the bottle of the Highland Park 12 year is very nice to see. Nothing to be ashamed of to place on the table when you want to share some good whisky with friends.
In the glass the whiskey displays a wonderful gold colour. The smell is strong, but with a certain sweetness. Very enjoyable.
A very nice mouth coating with sweets, some spice and a nice tingle on the tongue. Becoming dry at the end.
The after-taste is wonderful and lasts at least for a minute. Very enjoyable.

I know, if you read some whisky reviews it is almost poetry how they describe it all. I am not that way, I keep it just short and simple… that is more me :P

Anyway I can be short about this one…. it will have it often at home. I really like it.

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