Delusions of Gender

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During her holiday on Hawaii Marion has been reading the book “Delusion of Gender” written by Cordelia Fine. She really liked the book and suggested that it might be interesting for me to read as well.

The book is about the supposed differences between genders. Yes, supposed differences, because the author claims that there are not that much differences as we normally assume. Of course there are some differences, as a number of physicals ones. But according the writer many differences in gender we take for granted these days are more caused by upbringing, education, social background, history and more things like that.

The many examples, references to other researches makes the book very clear, understandable…. and I have to be honest, very convincing.

The book was real fun to read, made me laugh and grin at times… but deeply serious! A book to recommend.

The details of the book:
“Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine 2010 (and reprinted in 2011)
Iconbooks – ISBN 978-184831220-1

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