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Just an hour or so and then Marion and I will leave for Schiermonnikoog. For those that are not familiar with Schiermonninkoog, it is the smallest populated island north of The Netherlands. The nature is beautiful there and around this time of year it is rather quiet there. It is not allowed to bring a car with you to the island (and that is for some people a reason not to go there… for me it is even more reason to go there).

We stay at the eastern part of the island, there it is even more quiet. No mobile phone there (and so no internet). Just like last year our holiday in the France Pyrenees. Only Marion’s parents and Sanne know how to reach us in case something serious happens.

Anyway, today Marion’s parents visited us. They will keep an eye on my apartment and look after my birds and plants. That is always nice to know that someone is taking care of this kind of things.

Marion’s father is, just like me, a lover of a good whisky. And he brought me a present…

A 16 year old Glenlivet Nàdurra. A very fine single malt whisky. “Nàdurra” is the Celtic word for nature. That already shows what is so special about this whiskey. It is created in a very nature friendly way with pure ingredients. One of the things is that is non-chill filtered.
This special whisky contains 59.7% alcohol and that is more as a common whisky has.
I know that this is not a cheap bottle of single malt… and I am looking forward to taste it when I am home again from our little holiday.

It is time to grab the last things and to get on our way to Schiermonninkoog…

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